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Have You Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration often denies claimants who are truly disabled. In many cases, it takes an experienced lawyer with a thorough knowledge of the laws and medical listings to get disabled claimants the benefits they deserve.

We are committed to being the most effective resource for claimants with questions about disability benefits.

What Are Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are a worker suffering from a disability, you may be able to receive monetary benefits from the Social Security Administration or your local Social Security Office. These benefits are referred to as Social Security Disability Insurance(SSDI). In some situations these disability benefits may be awarded to you and your dependents.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

In general, the Social Security Administration will pay cash benefits to people who are unable to work for a year or more because of a physical or mental disability. In order to receive these benefits you must prove that you are in fact disabled or suffering from a disability.

How Does Social Security Define "Disability?"

Disability under Social Security is based on your inability to work. You will be considered disabled if you cannot do the work that you did before and if you cannot adjust to other type work because of your medical condition(s). Also, your disability must last or be expected to last for at least a year or to result in death.

How Much Money Will I Get If I Am Qualified To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are under 65 years old and qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits due to your disability, you will be able to receive monthly cash benefits in the same amount as if you retired at age 65, for as long as you continue to be disabled.

Should I Get A Lawyer To Represent Me In Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Although you do not need to obtain a lawyer to represent you when you first apply for disability benefits at any Social Security office, you should obtain legal representation as soon as you receive any denial of benefits notice from the Social Security Administration.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me In Getting My Social Security Disability Benefits?

A lawyer can help you with your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits. A lawyer can assist you in the preparation and submission of additional evidence to have your claim reconsidered for approval. In addition, if the application for reconsideration is denied, your lawyer can then file a request for a hearing before an Administrative Judge of the Social Security Administration. Your lawyer can assist you throughout the hearing stage by: (1) preparing you to testify effectively at the hearing; (2) presenting evidence in support of your claim through medical records, reports and expert witnesses; and (3) cross-examination of adverse medical or non-medical witnesses called by the Social Security Administration. Also, a lawyer can further assist you in the event that you are not successful at the hearing stage by appealing the Administrative Judge's decision to the Appeals Council, and from there to the United States District Court. Having a lawyer assisting you with your claim makes good sense. Statistics have shown that claimants who have legal representation are more successful that people without legal representation.

When Should I Contact A Lawyer To Represent Me In My Claim For Disability Benefits?

You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible, and immediately upon receiving notice from the Social Security Administration or local Social Security Office that your initial application for disability benefits has been denied. Having a lawyer representing you with your claim for disability benefits may improve your chances in getting your benefits. Studies have shown that claimants who have legal representation are more successful than those without legal assistance.

What Should I Do If My Application For Disability Benefits Is Denied?

If you or someone you know believes they have been improperly denied Social Security Disability Benefits, contact us immediately, and we will be happy to review the facts of the incident. Once we have received your information, a member of our staff will contact you concerning your claim.

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